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Play Ping Pong With Style!

Red and black ping pong paddles just ain’t gonna cut it anymore! At Uberpong, we care about making an exciting change in the status quo of a sport that we believe has remained overly traditional for too long. Most importantly, we want you to think differently about ping pongAt Uberpong we have made it our personal and professional mission to change table tennis by personalizing and customizing the heart of the game: the ping pong paddle. 

Uberpong allows you to use your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos to create your own custom ping pong paddles in 30 seconds. You can do that on this page or by downloading our new iPhone app on the App Store. Uberpong paddles are perfect for birthday gifts, college reunions, client gifts and holiday presents.  

Uberpong also blends art and design with the sport in a revolutionary approach that goes beyond the game itself. Based in Austin, Texas Uberpong has an international reach and has galvanized an engaged community around the nation through our unique paddles and unforgettable events. Our mission is to make table tennis the most played sport in the USA and the world. And the paddles are only the beginning…



To see more about the paddles we serve up, check out our Paddles page. To learn about the experiences we create, bounce on over to Events. Most importantly, introduce yourself to our social ping pong community by creating your own custom ping pong paddles then use #Uberpong when you post on social media. Download our Apps which make it even easier to create your own custom paddles. You can also support our graphic design community by getting a designer paddle. Follow the movement on our blog

Share your @uberpong swag with the hashtag #uberpong!

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