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Custom Ping Pong Balls

Design Your Own Custom Personalized Ping Pong Balls in 30 Seconds!

Create your own custom ping pong balls by Uberpong. Please see INSTRUCTIONS. 

Learn More About UberPong Custom Ping Pong Balls

Custom ping pong balls and personalized beer pong balls by Uberpong. Upload your photos or artwork and they will be magically printed onto our custom ping pong balls or beer pong balls. Perfect for: Beer pong balls, ping pong, wedding gifts, birthday presents, holiday gifts, fraternity houses, colleges, office perks and more! Once you've created your custom ping pong paddles by Uberpong, now it's time to add custom ping pong balls to your game! Download our custom ball template HERE You can check our custom designer tool for an easy way to layout your design. If you want to place a larger order or need it rushed, please email The amount displayed are per-ball pricing. We have a minimum order of 10 balls. Looking for regular ping pong balls, and ping pong balls in cool colors? Click here!


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