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Custom Pong Beer Tables

Design Your Own Custom Beer Pong Table in 30 Seconds or Less

Create your own custom beer pong table by Uberpong below. Please see INSTRUCTIONS. 

Learn More About UberPong Custom Beer Pong Tables

Play beer pong anywhere. The Uberpong custom beer pong table (tailgate edition) lets you play the game you love with your friends at any sporting event. This handy gadget means your entertainment is mobile and always in the trunk of your car. High quality folding travel table with adjustable height settings. Our tables are a great way to spice up an event, trade show or Superbowl party.

  - Laminated surface to protect from spills
  - Carry handle
  - Full 4 color laminated imprint on surface

Perfect for:
Football, basketball, baseball or soccer game
Birthday parties

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