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He's been called every variation of the name Charlie in the book, but the names Charlie Chauvin most prefers are web designer, graphic designer and illustrator. He does everything from logos  and business cards to full on design and development of websites. He thinks WordPress is the best thing since Kool-Aid. With roughly 10 years of experience in design, he's ben around the bock and the web world for a while. Charlie even manages to find time to do drawings and illustrations of ideas that are in his head. It’s mainly for personal enjoyment, but if he ever hit the big lottery he’d draw and paint silly things all day. Until then, he’s happy specializing in graphic graphic and web design in Austin, Texas and trying to be the best dang designer he can be.

Charlie likes to work for people who like creativity and want to stand out from the pack. He's a people person, and has been told on more than one occasion that he's am very patient and encouraging when it comes to openly expressing your creative ideas within his working relationships. If this all sounds good to you, let him know! You'd probably make a great team.

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