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Orlando, FL


 Orlando, Florida photographer Cy Cyr has photographed many athletes for advertising or magazines.  They include Jimmie Johnson, Lee Trevino, Michael Phelps, Rickie Fowler, Shaq, Joe Namath, Justin Gatlin and more.  He desperately wants to photograph a Ping Pong champion. Cyr grew up in the coastal town of Biddeford, Maine playing hockey, baseball, golf and ping pong.  Today, he works on photography for clients such as Golf Channel, Autumn Games, Yamaha and advertising agencies.  At 36, he can do a toe touch in jeans or shorts.
"This NYC Night photo was taken one late rainy summer night driving through Times Square after watching a friend perform at Carnegie Hall.  The camera was positioned on my dashboard and the shutter speed was set to 1/8 of a second to blur the city lights.    Contact me to order the full sized canvas."

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