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Uberpong Designer Jason St. Peter



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 Jason St Peter dominates design. Naturally, as the Creative Director at think804 he's a terrible dancer, but also an innovator. His latest creation, which he calls 'Slorts', are inspired by the need for professionalism without sacrificing comfort. The solution, he explains, was simple: "By cutting the legs off a pair of slacks, we combine the formality of pants with the ventilation of shorts. Then the removed portion is re-purposed as sleeves for vests. We call these 'Shirts'." Slorts and Shirts are currently sold out of Jason's garage on Sundays. 

He grew up in northern Virginia, drawing graffiti in his basement and listening to Outkast. He went on to earn a BFA from Longwood University in 2003 and soon after joined the Army. Jason spent a couple of years getting shipped around and eventually landed a gig in the Air Force National Guard as a multimedia illustrator. Jason's also worked with creative teams on both the corporate and agency side, playing the roles of account manager, art director, writer, and visual merchandiser, but in his heart, he'll always be a designer. 

After all, Jason has won every design contest in the history of America. It's not important they were printed on his home computer, framed and sent to his high school ex-girlfriend. 

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