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Uberpong Designer Mart Biemans



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 It all started about 8 years ago when Mart stumbled into the world of digital art and illustration via an online game that he and some friends used to play. At first, it was only a hobby and a way to express himself. However, in a few years it quickly evolved into a profession and one of his biggest passions. Almost everything he does is self-taught even though Mart attended an art academy for 2 years.

Mart has chosen to follow his own path and seek new challenges and opportunities every day. His work is known to combine shapes and lines to create a unique geometric style that's eye-catching and colorful. Even though his most popular work is known to be in this style, Mart is definitely not afraid to work outside his comfort zone and experiment with new aesthetics. To find out more about Mart or discuss work, you can contact him via

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